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With the Trump Administration’s promises to crackdown on illegal immigration and place new restrictions on legal immigration, there has been an understandable rise in the immigrant population of the United States. Many undocumented people and legal permanent resident (LPR) status holders now fear that deportation or removal is one legal run-in away. At the Buenaventura Law Firm, we are proud to stand up for the rights of immigrants from around the world.

Our Bay Area criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Ray Buenaventura, recognizes the importance of resolving criminal defense cases in such a manner that it protects against disastrous immigration-related consequences, such as deportation, removal, or denial of naturalization. If you are facing criminal accusations or charges as an immigrant, undocumented or with legal permission to remain in America, you can come to our law firm for trusted and compassionate representation.

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Convictions That Will Likely Include Deportation Measures

Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) officers have been ordered to prioritize the detainment and removal of undocumented immigrants of particular interest, especially those involved or implicated in serious crimes.

Any undocumented immigrant convicted of the following crimes could be deported:

The aforementioned list is not all inclusive of the crimes that could trigger deportation, removal, or naturalization denial. Any criminal conviction could potentially include these penalties for an immigrant that is not documented. When our Bay Area immigration protection attorney works on a criminal defense case for a client that is an immigrant, the focus is immediately determining if deportation will be eventually considered, should a conviction occur. In addition to shielding our clients from a criminal conviction, we also use our legal knowledge and courtroom tenacity to fight against any notion of immigration-related punishments.

Reacting to ICE Agents at Your Door

Throughout the country but especially in towns near America’s southern border, news stories have emerged of ICE agents coming to homes randomly and attempting to detain undocumented immigrants. Many of these investigations and raids only succeed because the immigrants did not know their rights as an immigrant, documented or not, beforehand. If you are an undocumented immigrant, you have a set of inalienable rights granted under the Constitution that can protect you from deportation.

If an ICE agent or official knocks on your door one day, you should follow these steps:

  • Do not open the door right away – you need to find out why they are there first.
  • Ask that the agent produce a warrant signed by a judge, and to slide it under the door or hold it against a window so you can inspect it. Without a valid warrant, you do not have to allow the ICE agents to enter your home.
  • If the ICE agents try to force their way into your home, do not resist or use violence to defend yourself – this will make the situation much, much worse.
  • If ICE agents enter your home without your permission, tell each one clearly, “I do not consent to your entry. I do consent to your search.”
  • All members in your household need to remain silent after you explain your lack of consent. Each person confronted by an ICE agent must say, “I am using my Constitutional right to remain silent. I want to speak to my attorney.”
  • No matter what you are handed, do not sign it. You can also say, “I respectfully refuse to sign anything without first consulting with my attorney.”

The Trump Administration has attempted to delegate ICE responsibilities onto local law enforcement officers, effectively bolstering the size and influence of ICE without actually growing the agency. Please be mindful of this mandate when encountering any police officer or government official at your doorstep.

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