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Violent crimes may get more attention, but non-violent crimes can have an equally serious impact on your future. A non-violent crime is one in which you do not use force or cause injury to another person. Often the seriousness of this type of the offense is measured in terms of economic damage or financial loss to the victim.

Common non-violent crimes in California include:

  • Theft, embezzlement, or receipt of stolen goods
  • Fraud, tax crimes, and other white-collar offenses
  • Drug and alcohol-related charges
  • Bribery
  • Prostitution
  • Racketeering and gambling

Do not think that just because police arrested you for a non-violent crime you do not need a strong defense. These types of offenses can result in penalties that include jail time and enormous fines. A conviction can significantly impact your ability to find work or even qualify for a mortgage in the future. You deserve a skilled non-violent crime defense attorney in Bay Area. Buenaventura Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience defending the accused. We can put our trial-proven strategies work for you.

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What Charges Are Non-Violent Crimes?

Criminal defense attorneys in Bay Area see a variety of non-violent crime cases. At Buenaventura Law Firm, we have defended accused clients from charges that range from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights and liberty. We care about you, our client, but also about your family and your future. No matter what crime the state has charged you with, a solid defense will help you protect your financial and personal future. Let us be your advocate.

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