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A conviction on your criminal record can feel like and be a stain on your reputation that impacts your day-to-day life. Potential employers, landlords, lenders, and more might all look at you in a negative light due to a single criminal conviction. Using expungement, as allowed in California Penal Code 1203.4, can be a great way to clear your record, if you know how to use it.

At Buenaventura Law Firm, our Bay Area criminal defense lawyer is well-versed in the California expungement process. We have brought numerous expungement cases to success for clients seeking a better tomorrow, and we always offer fair, competitive legal fees for our assistance. You can learn more about expungement and our services right now by calling (650) 727-6508 or using an online contact form.

Expungement Explanation & Eligibility

Expungement is the legal process of “clearing” a criminal conviction off your record after you have already completed certain sentencing requirements. Most people who use expungement do so to improve their standing in the eyes of potential employers. If an expungement is successful, then the individual may be permitted to legally answer “no” during job interviews that ask if he or she has ever been convicted of a crime, assuming the expungement cleared the one and only conviction on the record. Some expungements will result in a felony conviction being reduced to a misdemeanor, which is also a boon for those seeking gainful employment.

You may be eligible for expungement if:

  • You completed all aspects of probation related to your criminal conviction.
  • You are not currently under investigation or charged with another criminal violation.
  • You were never imprisoned in a state penitentiary for the associated crime.
  • You were not convicted of a sex crime involving a child.

Be sure to review the terms of your expungement carefully with your attorney. The permissions you gain through expungement are not universal. You may still be required to tell an employer or other official parties of your conviction after certain expungements.

Early Termination of Probation with Expungement

Many probation sentences will last for years and years. For a person trying to set down a more agreeable and law-abiding path in life, probation can become a major and unjustified hindrance. Petitioning for the early termination of probation may be necessary.

To successfully petition for early termination of probation, you must complete all other probation terms not related to its duration, like paying all fines to the state or finishing all rehabilitation classes ordered by a judge. You must also convince a judge that probation is unduly harming your wellbeing by stopping you from finding or maintaining gainful employment. Although not necessary, it can also be helpful to use evidence like testimonies from close friends, employers, and family members that shows you have improved your behavior and made an effort to put your criminal past behind you. If approved, a judge can end your probation significantly earlier than usual, which plays directly into improving your chances of a successful expungement.

Contact our criminal defense attorney in Bay Area for a legal professional’s assistance in petitioning for early termination of probation.

Certificates of Rehabilitation & Pardons

Getting an expungement after being convicted of a felony can be extremely difficult, if not impossible in many cases. If you have a felony on your record you want to clear, then we can explore the options of using a certificate of rehabilitation or pardon.

  • A certificate of rehabilitation is a court-approved document that states you have rehabilitated your behaviors after being convicted of a crime. It will tell employers that you are no longer considered “at risk” of recidivism, or repeating a similar crime again. Certificates may be more difficult to obtain for sex crimes convictions.
  • A pardon, or direct pardon, is similar to a certificate or rehabilitation, only it must be approved by the Governor of California. Pardons are generally reserved for the most serious of offenses – or the presence of multiple offenses – that are ineligible for expungement or a certificate or rehabilitation.

A Trusted Legal Guide By Your Side

We of Buenaventura Law Firm believe that compassion is an important part of the criminal justice system, especially when considering expungements and other forms of post-conviction relief. When you want nothing more than to move into a better chapter of your life, we want to be the legal team you lean on to help get you there. Call (650) 727-6508 to speak to our Bay Area expungement attorney today about all your options and where to begin.

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