Sex Crimes

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A sex crime is one of the types of criminal charges that has the most public stigma. Just facing a charge of this kind can affect your relationships, professional reputation, and more. Being convicted of a sex crime can lead not only to fines and jail time but also to other long-term costs.

Some of the consequences of a sex crime conviction in California may include:

  • A significant stigma even after serving time and paying your penalty
  • Having to register as a sex offender
  • Persecution and discrimination as you pursue employment
  • Severe limitations on where you can live and work
  • Harassment from vigilantes who use the sex offender registry to find you

You cannot afford to have this type of life-changing event happen without a fight. Let the skilled Bay Area sex crime lawyers at Buenaventura Law Firm fight alongside you. We have more than 25 years of experience defending the accused and take pride in finding justice for our clients.

Do not let a conviction for a sex crime in Bay Area or the San Francisco area ruin your life. Call Buenaventura Law Firm at (650) 727-6508 today.

What to Do if You Are Charged with a Sex Crime

If the police have arrested you on suspicion of a sex crime, the best advice we can give is to insist on your right to have an attorney with you before, during, and after questioning. You may be tempted to try to explain your way out of the situation, but that often makes things worse. Police are trained to ask questions designed to get you to admit to criminal activity.

Prosecutors can and will use anything you say against you. Do not speak to law enforcement without your attorney present, and do not let prosecutors intimidate you into taking a plea deal without allowing your lawyer to craft a defense.

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At Buenaventura Law Firm, we will fight for your rights and pursue every legal remedy available to protect your liberty and your future. We will leave no stone unturned as we fully investigate every detail of the case and get to know the character of the witnesses. We will be relentless and never stop until every legal recourse has been exhausted.

A highly-trained sex crime defense attorney from Buenaventura Law Firm will stand with you as long as necessary. Contact us for a free review of your case at (650) 727-6508.

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